./Collecting the bike - Day 1 of my ownership - Continued.\.

Guy pushed in the key, "just to give it a go", but we were met with the click of dooom. No worries, the bike's sat for quite a while so I wasn't expecting it to run, but the fact he thought it might was a good sign, considering I wasn't expecting a runner. Visually on first inspection, the bike is in very good condition for a 23 year old bike stored outside. Looks like a bit of damage to the right hand seat unit which has been badly repaired, a damaged indicator from being static dropped on the left hand side, and a slightly damage indicator and brake lever, by the looks of things from a low speed drop on the right hand side. All in all, less damage than my GSX-F! So, I phoned the RAC, who kindly took the bike home on a ma-hoo-sive truck, and wheeled the bike onto our private pathway amid comments like "It's such a mans bike from the missus. Which is a bit dissapointing, as I was hoping she would ride it. But there you go... more to come!

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