./My JC10 Sailing Canoe Project\.

For quite a while now, I've been interested in the idea of building a sailing canoe. Now I don't mean a Canadian-type canoe with a small sail to help with the paddling. I'm talking about a stupendously fast narrow sailing boat. So after a bit of trawling the interweb, I found Selway-Fisher designs which do a number of sailing canoes. Below is the text from the SFD website...

The JayCee was conceived with Tyrone Boats as a trainer for the International Canoe. The idea was to produce a craft which was based upon low cost, easy building techniques and which would be an introduction into the world of IC sailing. With all this in mind, the hull is made from 4mm ply using the stitch and tape process. She has a simple sliding seat and the rig is based upon a grp sailboard mast with a sleeved sail so keeping the need for specialist fittings and gear down. However, there is enough gear to enable the helmsman to 'tweek' her performance with a Barbour Haul arrangement for the foresail sheet. An exciting craft which may in the future form the experimental model for a new stitch and tape 'B' class version of the IC10! LOD 15'6" (4.73m); Hull Beam 2'11 1/2" (0.9m); Sail Area 56 sq.ft. (5.17 sq.m).

Now doesn't that sound nice? I've split the project into a number of parts, which I'll write as I get to them.

  1. The sail:What kind of sail I can get my grubby little hands on controls how the boat is made
  2. The spars:This is going to depend on the sail
  3. The hull:Once the details for the bits and bobs have been sorted out
  4. The boat as a whole:Putting it all together, finishing her off, and trying her out.
  5. Thoughts:Thoughts I'm having about the boat right through the project.

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Back Up! ./28 Sep 2008 22:58\.
Well, after a period of nigh on a year, my website is back online. I'll try and leave more details on my life shortly, but to summarise, I'm on a new host, the gallery is now based on flickr, and that's about it for the site! More to come in the future (including an easier to use colour scheme, some people don't like grey!)
Website Issues ./28 Oct 2007 13:37\.
I've just moved the site over to a new host, which (I hope) is substantially more reliable, and which definately gives me a lot more space! However, until I get the sub-domains moved over, and the database sorted, there may be a few issues. Deal with it :)
Website Issues ./28 Oct 2007 12:50\.
I've just moved the site over to a new host, which (I hope) is substantially more reliable, and which definately gives me a lot more space! However, until I get the sub-domains moved over, and the database sorted, there may be a few issues. Deal with it :)
PGCE ./09 Oct 2007 07:28\.
As most people now know, I am currently studying for a PGCE. This is a Post Graduate Certificate of Education. Yes, I'm learning to become a teacher! Specifically, a secondary AICT teacher. It's good, I'm really enjoying the course, but as you may have noticed by the lack of recent posts, I'm very busy. More information will be forthcoming!
Digital Photoframes ./09 Oct 2007 07:24\.
My digital photo frame project is now defunct. Partly 'cos I broke the laptop I was using, but mainly because I have received two digital photo frames as presents. They're very pretty!
Digital Photoframe ./18 Jun 2007 04:25\.
I've always liked the idea of them, but (a) I resent paying for ANYTHING, and (b) the ones available commercially just don't seem to hit the spot. Read how I made my own here
Timelines ./15 Jun 2007 05:42\.
I've been playing with timelines recently, and have got SIMILE's timeline working. It's FUN! Check through my links to have a look at the timelines I'm creating at the moment!
New CMS ./01 May 2007 03:43\.
I've been working on my content management system a lot recently. I've adjusted the way a document set is saved on the server. They're now stored as what I refer to as stories, and the content is kept completely seperate to the display. This enables me to use a the in-built editor in the CMS to edit stories really easily. Good innit? You guys don't care, and probably won't see any difference, but I'm chuffed :)
XJ600 ./06 Mar 2007 01:24\.
I've acquired a new bike! A 1984 model Yamaha XJ600 Japanese import. The first Japanese 600s to come onto the market. Read the restoration story here.
Books books books ./16 Jan 2007 06:17\.
I've got a lot of books. I do mean a lot. So I'm selling loads off as most of them are stuff I never read/wanted/understood. And what better way to do this than to have a bit of interweb fun? So the cataloguing system uses a barcode reader and a lookup on both isbndb.org and amazon. This captures maybe 75% of the books (many are bizarre ones!). This is then going into a database, and I am working on an automatic script to post to gumtree. Also thinking about getting together with some friends who've purchased a large number of surplus books, and using something like abe to sell them in a more formal manner. I will of course also be setting up a website of my own for direct sales, as all the major ones (ebay, abe, amazon) charge a flippin' fortune! The website will be up at books.londonis.co.uk once it's ready.